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“But, do you have any bike locks?”

“But, do you have any bike locks?”

When we first started out we’d get this question almost every time we sold a used bike.  However, bike locks are not somethings we often see come to our shop on consignment. We were sending people away for something we could have offered them, saving them an extra trip and benefiting our business too.

So began the realization that a combination of used and new gear is what is best for a consignment store and it’s customers.  Our first order consisted of 5 bike locks and 25 cam straps and a handful of tent stakes.  Yes, we were a bit reserved!

Each time we bring on a new brand we try to consider how much their values align with ours and how it will meet the need of customers and consignors. We look for brands that meet at least some of the following criteria:  Colorado based, environmentally conscious, quality product at a reasonable price point, has been requested many times by consignors and does not come in on consignment regularly or is seasonally low in inventory.

Carrying new gear allows us to meet our customer requests for items that seldom come in on consignment.  Trekking poles, bike locks and dry bags are a few that stand out.  It also balances the store in times of slow intake of consigned gear and gives consignors a way to spend their earned dollars on new equipment. Sell your old jacket and grab a new Buff and Kombi gloves with the earnings!

Having new gear in the shop also helps keep prices of used gear in check.  When you can compare on the spot what a new, quality option will cost, it’s much harder to overprice the used gear.  We like to keep the consigned gear moving along to it’s next adventure rather than waiting on the shelf for a few more bucks.

Today we carry a variety of brands we feel excited to offer to our customers and consignors including Peregrine, Cenote, Kelty, Gregory, Olicamp, GSI, HoneyStinger, Minus 33, Buff, Kombi, Coloradical and Suncloud to name a few.

While we have come to accept the incredible benefit that carrying some new gear can offer to our business and our customers, rest assured we will never abandon our mission to give used gear a second life!  We are cognisant of the service this shop offers to our community and we value the support this model has received over the years. We’ve set a goal of carrying no more than 30% retail (new) gear at any given time.  In the winter months our consignment offerings ramp up and we carry closer to 15% new gear and 85% used.  In the summer and shoulder seasons we hang closer to the 25-30% new products.

We hope this helps explain the mixed inventory you see in the shop as well as reassure folks that we will continue to hold true to the model that created a thriving business thus far!






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