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Cross Country Skiing Info Night

Cross Country Skiing Info Night

Each year as the snow begins to fall in town the shop fills with customers curious about cross country skiing.  They want to grab a cheap pair of skis and enjoy a peaceful afternoon at the golf course turned track or head up to Molas for more adventure. We’ve learned it takes a bit of gear knowledge before getting out there with any sport, especially cross country, also known as nordic skiing.

There are several different types of nordic skiing not to mention the variety of skis, bindings and boots that come with each.  As with each sport, age and condition play a part in your choice as does ever changing gear technology.

We do our best to educate our customers and feel confident we have gotten many people set up and ready to have a great time.  But, we can all use more knowledge! We’ve asked the best in the industry to drop a little knowledge for us all regarding the full scope of cross country skiing, what to use and where to go. Tad Elliot, Program Director and Head Coach of Durango Nordic will be presenting the clinic and it is open to everyone! His qualifications speak for themselves:

Tad Elliott grew up racing for Durango Nordic and went on to pursue a 12 year career in professional ski racing and mountain biking. Tad joined the Saab Salomon Factory Team after graduating high school, and spent three years on the United States Ski Team, then finished his career with Ski and Snowboard Club Vail. After retiring from racing, he spent a year at Northern Michigan University as the assistant coach for their NCAA team and started earning his bachelors degree. Tad is now enrolled as a full time student at Fort Lewis College finishing up his bachelors degree in Sports Administration.

We hope you’ll join us on Thursday, November 7th. It’s sure to help us all feel more comfortable and confident! Here’s to a great snowy season!

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