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Meet Our Summer Crew

Meet Our Summer Crew

As we continue to grow and expand, we also continue to be extremely thankful for the incredible staff that comes our way.  As if the stars align to provide the right folks, just when we need them.  Our regular crew consists of Owners, Jen and Chase, our Manager, Taylor and our Lead Gear Specialist, Bryce.  In addition to the core crew, we’ve hired on some fantastic staff for the summer months!

Halle: Originally from Indianapolis, Halle moved to Durango just a few months ago.  She has spent the last year as an AmeriCorps volunteer at the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center.  She loves cycling, hiking and just being outside.  We love Halle for her ability to take the shop from a disaster area to a beautifully organized shoppable space.  She makes this place look good!

Parker: He  just simply loves life and doesn’t take things too seriously, except biking and skiing. He spends his time as a student at Fort Lewis College as well as biking and skiing competitively. Parker comes this way from Summit County and embraces all things Colorado. We are stoked to have him in the shop and we appreciate his easy going ways!

Allison: A fellow Fort Lewis College alumni!  She’s done the Durango shuffle, working at Durango Coffee Roasters, College Drive Cafe and Outdoor Pursuits up at the college. We are impressed by her dedication to her chosen field and her GIS Certificate.  She loves hiking, mountain biking, skiing, rafting and cooking.  We feel like she’s going to settle into “shop mom” role (alongside Jen) quite comfortably.


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