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No more meeting in the grocery store parking lot.

No more meeting in the grocery store parking lot.

Like most of us in Durango, you may have a few bikes hanging in your garage.  That one you rode up Engineer (pretty epic) or the favorite for hitting up Horse Gulch. And then there’s the couple of town bikes because you NEED a cruiser and a cross bike for the variety of trails in our town. And what about that road bike in the very back?  It did get you to Silverton that one year for the Iron Horse…

We GET it!  We love our bikes too.  But, these bikes want to ride! If you have one or two gathering dust in the garage, we can help you get it to a new owner who will love it!  Rather than dealing with posting online and managing the phone calls, scam emails and flaky people who say they want it but then actually don’t, after you’ve spent your Saturday tracking them down in the grocery store parking lot, jut bring it in here!  We take the hassle out of selling used gear.  We use online resources to appropriate price your bike, display it well and show it to a high number of folks looking specifically for the gear we have in here.  And, your commission rate increases as the prices does. You take 50% for bikes that sell under $300, 60% when they sell for $300-$600 and 70% if they sell for over $600.  When it sells, just swing by and pick up your check.  We strive to make this process simple, efficient and trustworthy.  Selling used gear can feel good.

So come on in and help give your gear a second life!


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