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Now Accepting used spring and summer gear on consignment

Now Accepting used spring and summer gear on consignment

With this beautiful weather and Spring break in the near future, we are excited to announce that we are now accepting Spring and Summer gear on consignment. We can almost hear all the die hard spring skiers moaning. Yes, there is plenty of great skiing yet to be had but, if you’re getting out there right now you’ve most likely got your gear. What people want now is to buy the gear (or at least scope out the gear) for their warm weather adventures.

Bring us your packs, bikes, bike apparel, kayaks, hiking boots, tents, sleeping pads, you get the idea… gear for getting outside!

If you have Winter gear that you wish you would have brought in earlier, just hang tight. We take Winter gear in as early as mid-September. Throw them in the garage and set your phone reminder. You’ll get a better price for them when people are stoked for the next season!

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