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115mm Jungle Print Skins Package

Simplicity, reliability, and efficiency defined. If you want a no BS product that will work for you every time, look no further. The Rover is here.
Rover ski skins utilize the super-efficient Quick-Snap tail clip which is adjustable up to 8cm. The wire tip clip is simple, unbreakable, and will fit virtually any ski tip. BSMP bombproof plush provides the grip and durability people have come to expect from nylon with surprising gliding performance thanks to low-angle fibers. As always, BSMP’s best in the business self-renewing skin glue will go to work for you no matter the conditions. To top it off, these skins come tapered at the tail to shed unnecessary weight and drag. We recommend these climbing skins for any skis but those with the most aggressive twin tips or off-set tails.

115/130/145 mm x 200 cm – Nylon Climbing Skin with tail taper in Blue/Green Pineapple Graphic
Quick-Snap Tail Connector
Universal Wire Tip Connector
BSMP Skin Wax
Trim Tool & Instructions  

Item Number: 5631-7

Item ID: 123874

Category: 115mm Jungle Print Skins

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