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Joker Unicor 9.1mmX70M

The Beal Joker 9.1mm UNICORE is the ultimate rope that conforms to all three dynamic rope standards; single, half, twin. The Joker is loved by the most extreme climbers that seek light and easy running lines. The more avid traditional climbers will hold tightly to the Joker for its multipurpose abilities on ridge and face routes, as well as mixed ice and snow. With Beal’s UNICORE technology, the sheath and core are permanently bonded together to eliminate sheath slippage and improve performance and safety. The Joker is abrasion and water resistant and comes with Golden Dry or Dry Cover. Ideal for performance minded sport, trad, alpine, and ice climbing.

Weight: 53 g/m
Impact force: Single 8.2kN, Half 6kN, Twin 9.5kN
UIAA falls: Single 5, Half 20, Twin 25
UIAA Certified Water Repellent - Golden Dry
Unicore Process
DC = Dry Cover
GD = Golden Dry
Black Limit middle mark
CE and UIAA Certified Single- Half -Twin 

Item Number: 5651-5

Item ID: 108248

Category: Joker Unicor 9.1mmX70M

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