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MOJO Bluetooth Speaker

The Mojo Box is a revolutionary, portable, smart carrying-case with innovative electronic capacities. Some of the main features of the Mojo Box include high fidelity Bluetooth speakers, solar powered charging, bright LED light source, and a very large battery bank. This power bank can, in one life cycle, charge multiply user electronic devices (i.e. phones, mp3 players, cameras, vape pens, small drones, etc.)

The primary form of this device is designed similar to a box; with the reversible top half of the box containing the electronic components, and the bottom half of the box kept unoccupied to hold the users’ belongings.

One face of the lid will contain the solar panels, as the other face will contain the additional technology, such as the speakers, LED light, On/Off switch, and charging USB ports.

This serves many enhanced purposes, primarily offering the ability to detach the lid and “flip it” to the differing face; allowing the box to be closed with either of the electronic faces showing and the latches tucked cleanly away.


Charge the box through a standard electrical outlet, or from the infinite power of the sun, utilizing the most efficient solar technology in the market. Then transfer that energy straight into your electronics at any time through the box’s two USB slots.

With an 8000ma battery, equivalent to over 5 phone batteries combined, the Mojo Box can rock for an impressive 15 hours plus while simultaneously charging phones, cameras, and tablets.

The LED light included on the Mojo Box acts as a bright flashlight that can be used during night time adventures. The brightness of the light can be adjusted with a dimmer control, and can also be set to a strobe flashing light that blinks “SOS” using standard morse code for safetly & signaling.



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