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Opera 8.5mmX70M Green

The Beal Opera 8.5mm UNICORE is the lightest single rope on the market. It is also certified as a half and twin rope and weighs only 48g per meter. The rope is made with technology that combines all of Beal's know-how: UNICORE technology, DRY COVER protection and the UIAA Water Repellent standard for the GOLDEN DRY version. This ultra-supple, ultralight rope will exceed the expectations of the most demanding sport climbers and alpinists with its low impact force. The Beal Opera is certified as a Single, Half, and Twin rope. Ideal for performance minded sport, trad, alpine and ice climbing.

Weight: 48 g/m
Impact force: Single 7.4kN, Half 5.5kN, Twin 8.6kN
UIAA falls: Single 5, Half 20, Twin 25
UIAA Certified Water Repellent - Golden Dry
DC = Dry Cover
GD = Golden Dry
UC = Unicore process
Black Limit middle mark
CE and UIAA Certified Single- Half -Twin 

Item Number: 5651-4

Item ID: 108247

Category: Opera 8.5mmX70M Green

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