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Titanium Wood Stove

What is the best way to enjoy cold-weather camping and backpacking? The answer: hot-tenting with the Condor Titanium Hot-Tent Stove. Bring the campfire INDOORS to take the chill off before you sleep for the night by burning small pieces of wood. Constructed from ultralight titanium sheeting and weighing a mere 6 lbs, the Condor Titanium Stove turns shelters and tents into cozy backcountry basecamps. With a stove pipe that can be installed and cut down to size for use in any tent, this stove will help you to dry out wet clothing, heat meals, stay warm in cold conditions, and provide you with a feeling of home in the wilderness. The Condor Stove comes ready to use with a stove body, 4 legs, a 10' chimney, spark arrestor, baffle, fire poker and a zippered stow bag.

Not compatible with every tent. Peregrine tents can be modified using our Hot-Stove Tent Jack to be compatible with the Condor Stove in the tent’s fast flight mode.

Recommended Use: Floorless Tents or Hot-Stove Compatible Tents
Chimney: 10 Foot (Can be adjusted to fit your tent)
Weight: 3.5 lbs (1.58 kg)
Box LWH: 13.5” x 7.8” x 12.1” 

  • Brand = Peregrine
  • Color = Metallic

Item Number: 2945-190

Item ID: 126399

Category: Titanium Wood Stove


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