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Storewide SALE and Winter Gear Acceptance

Storewide SALE and Winter Gear Acceptance

It’s currently 93 degrees and I’m sitting down to write a post about Winter.  It will cool down one of these days and the beautiful snow will fall again on this stunning landscape.  Soon!

As we look forward to the changing of seasons we also reflect on the fact that our shop’s 5 year anniversary is coming up on September 16th.  It seems impossible that 5 years have passed since we first opened our doors.  We cannot begin to express the gratitude we feel for the way in which this community has embraced the business. The last year has been a wild ride.  We are glad to be settled in the new location and enjoying being back to doing what we do best, selling great used gear!

We are celebrating the 5th year in the same style as year’s past, offering a crazy deal on everything! That’s right, 20% OFF everything in the shop.  And this year, we are running it Friday through Sunday so no worries if you have fun already planned.  We’ll be here when you can make it.

Once the sale is done we’ll need one day to recoup, clean the shop and get it ready for winter intake.  Starting September 17th, bring us your jackets, skis boots, snowshoes, snowboards, hats, gloves and all the other gear you can think of that makes an appearance as the days get shorter, nights colder and the snow starts falling.



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