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Thrive Living Wage Certified!

Thrive Living Wage Certified!

Durango Outdoor Exchange is pleased to announce that we have been certified by La Plata County Thrive! Living Wage Coalition as a Living Wage Employer! We are now one of 100 certified living wage employers in La Plata County!

We believe in the Thrive living wage principle that all workers should be paid a living wage (currently $13.25 per hour) and are proud to provide a living wage to our own employees. Paying a living wage contributes to the long-term economic and social well-being of our community by enabling residents to support themselves and their families and further contribute to our local economy.

We’ve always strived to treat our employees with respect and take care of them like family. Paying them a living wage has been a goal for a couple years now and it has taken intentional goal setting and planning to get to this place. Forming new positions that justify the living wage pay rate has helped us create a strong team of employees that benefits the business, our customers and consignors. We are grateful to Thrive for providing the research and support that gave us a clear goal to aim for.

Please join us in supporting the living wage movement and creating a community where everyone can thrive by visiting the Thrive! Living Wage Coalition website and choosing to do business with Recognized Living Wage Employers.

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