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September 01, 2020 1 min read

Join us in celebrating 6 years of business during our store-wide sale on September 4th and 5th!  

We still get excited when we see our stickers on cars around town. We reminisce about the first weeks of being open, when car loads of Fort Lewis College students would visit and spend hours scouring the shop for deals and truckloads of used gear would get dropped off at one if it had been waiting for this moment. 

The gratefulness and excitement that fueled our passion and persistence in the beginning, guides us still today.  We cannot believe we've been fortunate enough to get to operate and grow this fun, meaningful, values driven business for six years! 

Thank you to everyone who has shopped with us, consigned with us or even just mentioned us to a friend. Your support is the reason we are here.  Your love for giving gear a second life and getting outside is why we do what we do. 

This Friday and Saturday, celebrate with us, enjoy a sweet deal and share a story.  We are thankful for you everyday! 

Chase LaCroix
Chase LaCroix

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