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Have a garage full of gear or a closet stocked with jackets? We know you paid good money for those items, rather than giving them away or letting them sit around, bring them to DOE. We take the hassle out of selling your gear, equipment and apparel.

When selling your items here, we’ll set up an account for you and review the consignment policy together. Next, we’ll take a look at your merchandise and determine what we believe will sell and at what prices. You can visit our consignor login page from our website at any time to check on your account and see what balance is owed to you. Stop on by to get your check and get PAID! It’s just that simple.


We are open minded when it comes to what we will carry in the shop. In general, we accept outdoor gear, sporting equipment and active wear apparel that is functioning and in good to great condition. Please keep in mind, the better shape an item is when you bring it in, the more we are able to sell it for and the more you make! Just a few minutes of cleaning off a snowboard or wiping down a kayak can make a difference to a customer. Also, we are NOT a tuning shop. Items are sold “as is” and will sell for more if they are ready to use.


We strive to make the process as streamline and simple as possible. Basically, keep it local and keep it simple. We will provide the ability for you to drop your stuff and collect a check later. We provide the opportunity to get cash for your items without the hassle of uploading photos, sifting through emails, meeting a random person in the middle of no-where or taking a sketchy check. Our shop provides a location for many types of customers to see your item, in person. We’ll accept items big or small and will price them fairly for both you and the customer. And finally, because supporting local business supports the community we live in.


Because we are working with a consignment model, it is in our best interest and yours to have a fair selling price. Factors of establishing a selling price are: original retail price, condition of the item, seasonal demand and current stock on hand. We are willing to work with you to determine a fair price for all involved.

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