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April 04, 2020 2 min read


We are following the Governor’s orders and staying closed during this time. When we open back up it will be time for Spring gear and unlikely that your Winter gear will sell then. Here’s the plan for how to pick it up now…


CHECK ON IT: If you haven’t checked in on your gear yet, maybe it sold?! Use the consignor login from our website. Your email address serves as BOTH the username and password. IF your gear sold, it will show the balance we owe you. Please note: it does not show a complete list of what is for sale, ONLY what has sold.  

DONATE OR COLLECT: Do you want your unsold gear back? No problem! We can collect it for you before you arrive and have it ready to go. Want to donate? Great! We can take care of that for you but please let us know that is what you prefer. THIS is only in regards to gear that is “expiring” during the COVID-19 related closure. Otherwise, we will follow our contract per the usual.

CONTACT US: Please contact Bryce via phone or email to let him know what you would like done with your Winter gear. IF you would like it returned to you, please schedule a date and time for pick up.

PICK UP: When you come to pick up your gear, simply call the shop and we will bring it outside to you.

If your gear was set to “expire” during our closure, we will keep it on the shelves through the end of May. However, if you’d come pick it up before then, we would greatly appreciate it. Bring on the warmer weather!


CALL 970-259-0171


Chase LaCroix
Chase LaCroix

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