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February 22, 2022 2 min read

It's the little things. Specifically, little stickers that remind me of how this shop was once just a dream of ours and how it's come so far because of our incredible customers who advocate on it's behalf. 

When Chase and I first started planning the business that would become Durango Outdoor Exchange, we met with Tim Kapustka (of Studio &) to design a logo that would encompass all that we originally wanted the shop to be. What he came up with was perfect. There are many ways to interpret what you see with the center circle, the obvious green arrows pointing out and the more subtle while arrows pointing in.  It leaves room for you to fill in your experience. 

Right away, we put that logo everywhere we could and started getting our name out there. Stickers were high on the list of marketing tools and we ordered them immediately. A solid shout out to Sticker Mule for providing stickers that stand the test of time. Be it their laptop stickers or the one's meant for outside use, they hold up to the elements!

In the beginning, we knew every person who displayed a sticker (read, our moms). As the business grew, so did the visibility of our stickers around town. On cars and roof boxes, the cement blockers at Durango Joes, and I really felt like we'd made it when I saw one on the Natures Oasis light post. 

Seven years later, I am still just as giddy and grateful when I see our sticker displayed. I imagine to some, it is really personal and a vote of support for a business they appreciate. To others, it might just be a sweet sticker. Either way, it still makes me smile and gives me comfort to know the shop has had an impact on someone in a positive way. 

We've grown, no doubt. But, we hope that everyone who comes in feels a sense of belonging, appreciation for outdoor adventures and a sense of gratefulness from us which continues to drive our enthusiasm for this business that was once just a dream. 

Jen LaCroix
Jen LaCroix

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