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July 14, 2021 1 min read

It is HOT in town these days and the river is looking a little low so you know what that means, time to hop on two wheels and head to the high country! Here’s a look into what we pack when heading up high for mountain views and epic bike descents.

To start, you need a bag to hold it all. We often have awesome used options in the shop like these:

Osprey Synchro 12L pack
Osprey Synchro 12L pack
Patagonia Nine Trails 14L pack

Or we have new options from Gregory and Kelty!

Caroline swears by the Gregory Nano waist pack for everything from evening rides to long high country adventures. Here is why… they’re sneaky spacious without being obnoxiously bulky. 

The Nano waist pack carries a tube, tire levers, patch kit, tubeless plugs, multi tool, bike pump, water filter, lightweight jacket, snacks and a beer (or other 12oz can) seamlessly! Yet once the snacks are consumed and the jacket is on it doesn’t feel bulky on your back.

Whether you need one or all of these items or just want to plan a ride, swing by the shop and let us help you get stoked on your net adventure.

Chase LaCroix
Chase LaCroix

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