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Base Prep Specialty Wax

Our specially formulated, plant-based base preparation wax is a must-have for any comprehensive wax kit.

  • Deep Base Penetration: This wax has been designed with smaller wax molecules that can penetrate deep into the base of skis or snowboards, where normal wax simply couldn't fit.
  • Base Conditioner: After a fresh stone grind, it is highly recommended to saturate your bases with our Base Prep wax. 
  • Improve "Wax of the Day" Performance: Our Base Prep wax will bind well to your top coat or "Wax of the Day". This helps your top coat wax to last longer.
  • Base Cleaner - Hot Scrape: Most wax experts agree that a hot scrape is the best technique to remove old wax and truly clean your bases. 
  • Travel + Storage: Don't leave your bases naked to the environment! When traveling or storing skis/boards for an extended period of time, a thick layer of our Base Prep wax will protect your bases and make sure they're happy when it's time to rip!


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