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Basket Outfitter 125

Organizer baskets for our Canyon Coolers Outfitter and Adventure series keep perishables out of the ice and keep your organized. They are extra thick and rubber dipped, over built and ready for a lifetime.

Outfitters can all fit at least 2 baskets each.
Prospector 103 and Navigator 150's each accept up to 4 baskets, but they ride on two tiers. So the height is adjustable. 1-2 is sufficient for most clients. These baskets will not ride over the top of the dividers.
Mule Cooler will accept a 75 quart basket, but it will fill the whole cooler top.
PRO45 & PRO65 utilize catering pans and not baskets 

Item Number: 6040-16

Item ID: 119700

Category: Basket Outfitter 125

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