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Commuter Java Press - Blue

Ah, the morning, mired in mile after mile of commutes, carpool lanes and chaos, it is malaise and misanthropy made manifest across an otherwise magnificent outside world. What you need is a blissfully warm wake-up call, a deep breath of rich, bold, liquid sunshine to carry you from car to career to crag without ever letting you down. With the Commuter JavaPress’s slim shape and non-slip foot, your favorite, freshly-brewed, French Press coffee is as close as your cup holder, standing vigilantly beside you as you thread your way through traffic. And, thanks to its clever design which eliminates the obtrusive metal rod of classic French Presses, the lid unscrews effortlessly, allowing you to add cream, sugar or your favorite flavorings with a simple stir. More importantly, with its grit- and blow-by eliminating mug-within-a-mug innovation, you can be certain that your coffee will be brewed to perfection no matter where you find yourself mornings

Incredibly clever design removes the intrusive plunger rod from classic French Press designs and replaces it with an inner mug that creates a double wall of insulation to keep your coffee or tea hot while eliminating blow-by and grit.
Spill-resistant, flip top lid seals in heat and sloshing yet unscrews easily for unencumbered access to stir or add cream and sugar.
Comfortable PLUSfoam™, recycled Neoprene sleeve provides an additional layer of insulation for both your hands and your coffee while offering a soft, secure grip.
Non-slip foot helps to keep your cup upright, while the slim profile fits car cup holders so your coffee or tea can travel wherever you do.
Crystal-clear, BPA-free Carafe is lightweight and shatter-resistant allowing you to enjoy French Press coffee anywhere.
Leash provides convenient attachment point.

Weight (lbs): 0.7000
Material: Copolyester, Nylon, Foam
Major Dimension: 15 fl. oz.
Includes: 15 fl. oz. Press Mug, Sealable Lid w/ Loop, Insulated Sleeve, Non-Slip Foot
Dimensions: 3.8 in x 3 in x 7.8 

Item Number: 4578-55

Item ID: 108933

Category: Commuter Java Press


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