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Javadrip 30oz

The familiar aroma of brewed coffee in the morning somehow makes everything alright. Somehow, that scent, that warm feeling can transform even the coldest morning into a day that abounds with possibilities. Just the sound of dripping coffee seems to make even the most lethargic among us bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and eager to chase the other wildlife. With the aim of scaring a few snotty squirrels, we have created a pair of amazing JavaDrip Coffee Makers which bring the ease and familiarity of your home coffee maker wherever your travels may take you.**Thanks to their unique silicone drip cones which collapse to nest inside the lightweight, crystal-clear, shatter-resistant carafes, our JavaDrip Coffee Makers will pack, store and travel effortlessly. With Foam sleeves to insulate both your hands and your coffee, the JavaDrip line assure that your coffee stays warm throughout your morning. And, the included, reusable cloth filter means that cleanup is hassle-free so that you can move forward with the day.

The 30 fl. oz. JavaDrip brings the ease and familiarity of your home coffee maker wherever your adventures may take you. Be the hero of your camp when you whip up several instant cups of morning bliss with this portable coffee maker. Lightweight, BPA-Free, and shatter-resistant, it goes anywhere.

Double-walled, insulated lid and ballistic nylon-wrapped cozy hold in temperature while brewing and serving.
Silicone drip cone locks to lid while brewing and sits upright when removed to prevent spills
Drip cone collapses to nest within carafe for compact packing and storage
Includes easy-to-clean, reusable cloth filter
BPA-Free carafe is lightweight and shatter-resistant, allowing you to enjoy drip coffee anywhere.

More Information
Weight (lbs): 0.9000
Material: Copolyester and Silicone
Major Dimension: 30 fl. oz.
Includes: 30 fl. oz. Carafe w/Lid, Insulated Sleeve, #4 Drip Cone, #4 Re-usable Java Filter
Dimensions: 4.5 in x 4.2 in x 7 

Item Number: 4578-86

Item ID: 131601

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