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Light Tours of Colorado

Light Tours of Colorado by Lou Dawson


Mellow Backcountry Ski Routes to Minimize Avalanche Exposure.

Legendary Colorado ski mountaineer, Lou Dawson, has released a one-of-a-kind, completely remastered guidebook for those who want to keep it simple in the backcountry.

An increasing number of muscle-powered skiers have an interest in finding enjoyable terrain for making turns while avoiding high consequence avalanche slopes. In this second edition of Lou Dawson’s guidebook, the focus is on the mellow side of ski touring. We’ve doubled the number of routes and removed the resort uphills that proved difficult to detail because of closures or ever-shifting resort policies. Furthermore, we improved our formatting: it’s simpler—just the information you need.

This book is for anyone who wants to explore our beautiful state in the winter from the unique wanderer’s perspective. Pick up this book and go somewhere new! Find the perfect log, sit down, and eat a leisurely lunch; take your kids along; convince a partner to try something new; concentrate on the exercise and fresh air (not the adrenaline); be proud you’ve chosen a sustainable style of ski touring you can enjoy for decades.


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