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Avalanche Search and Rescue Field Guide

A backcountry field guide to help us be the best, most prepared team member possible. A durable, compact tool to help us remember everything we’ve learned! Leadership, risk management, search strategies, shoveling, medical, patient packaging, rigging, and quick reference cards for the many details involved in a backcountry avalanche rescue. From risk assessment checklists, to helicopter protocols; from managing human factors to strategic shoveling, Alexis Alloway makes sure you have the most up-to-date, best practices in a quick reference tool that is both beautiful and accurate.

  • Study up early in the season as you transition out of summer
  • Refresh yourself mid-season, before or after taking or teaching a class
  • Pull out of your pack to double-check your knots and snowpack tests or to jot down field notes
  • Waterproof, tear resistant
  • For professionals AND recreationalists
  • Dimensions: 5.5″ wide X  7″ tall X  0.5″ thick. Weight: 5 oz


A backcountry field guide for professionals and recreationalists! It can be difficult to remember and refer to all of the different clinics, classes, and conferences we’ve attended to be a reliable team member. This first-of-its-kind guide from Alexis Alloway is the single best tool to help you refresh the most important details in a rescue. Whether you want to bone up on terrain I.D. mid-season, or need to double check your patient packaging in the field; whether you’re new to a rescue team, or an old vet, this 126 page book will help keep you on your “A Game”.

Here’s what Seattle Search and Rescue has to say after a week of use:

“The best compact and comprehensive avalanche search and rescue book on the market. The book was primarily written for the Search and Rescue members, but is a nice tool for every recreationalist enjoying winter sports in the backcountry. It is a nice quick avy knowledge refresher at the beginning of the season or even before each trip. It covers everything from planning and risk management, snow analysis to search techniques, medical help and rigging. I would definitely recommend this book to anybody heading to the backcountry. Avy knowledge is perishable over the summer season, so a compact refresher is a must have.”

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