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August 02, 2023 2 min read

Durango Sustainable Goods is a “solution store” where locals and tourists alike
can find everyday goods as well as gifts that both delight and benefit the planet.
“From reusable water bottles and zero waste shampoo bars, plastic-free makeup,
Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) bamboo cooking utensils to apple leather,
cactus leather, and upcycled fire hose tote bags”, says owner Claire Attkisson,
“this home, kitchen and lifestyle store is like no other.” All Sustainable Goods
products are vetted for their high quality, affordability, and their social and
environmental footprint before being stocked on the shelf.

Durango Outdoor Exchange now has a branded product stand at Sustainable
Goods, offering solar camping lights, solar dorm room lights, reusable water
bottles in all shapes, colors, and sizes, reusable camping mugs, and more.
We’re joining forces with other local sustainable brands at Durango Sustainable
Goods to create a “next gen” marketplace where conscious shoppers can shop
eco-friendly goods for every room in their home—and now with our contribution,
they can shop for solar and reusable outdoor gear!

According to Sustainable Goods owner, Attkisson, “the stuff we buy accounts for
1/3 of the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere, largely due to fossil
fuel-based plastics in our clothes, packaging, and everyday products we
consume.” Sustainable Goods will feature home and lifestyle products not only
for their quality and nature positive ingredients, but for their material ingenuity
made by trusted sustainable local and global brands. 50% or more of Sustainable
Goods products are locally made by 30+ Durango artisans, farmers, florists, and
entrepreneurs committed to sustainable business practices too.
Featured local sustainable brands include Durango Outdoor Exchange, of course,
Botanical Companions: locally grown microgreens; Botanical Concepts:
houseplants; Gingersnap Enterprises: ecofriendly
fire starters; Michi Pottery porcelain ceramic dishware; ROLL ebike & paddle
board rental; Recycled Parts By Kiley upcycled earrings and art made out of
used bike parts; Sarvaa Organics superfoods; and San Juan Gemstones jewelry
made with recycled car and surf board paint.

Durango sustainable Goods also features the Omni Café. Shoppers can enjoy a
cup of locally brewed 81301 Coffee and a tasty bagel sandwich, while relaxing
before and after shopping, inside or on Omni Café’s outdoor front patio.
The Omni Café is a “BringIt!” eatery, meaning if you want to take your coffee or
bagel “to-go” then you had better bring your own cup, mug (purchase one of
the Durango Outdoor Exchange mugs and ‘BringIt!’ everywhere you go!), straw,
utensils, and container. Omni Café will not be offering paper or plastic to-go
containers and utensils. For those who want to stay a while and enjoy their meal,
recycled plates, cups, and utensils will be provided.

Durango Outdoor Exchange is not only thrilled to be part of this innovative store,
but we’re also keen on building our brand awareness in the downtown area of
Durango, especially as bigger box outdoor stores move into the area. The beauty
of shopping local is that all the profits stay local supporting local people and our
local economy. When you shop a big box outdoor store a large percentage of the
profits cycle out of our local economy to support executives out of state. “Shop
local” isn’t just a fad or a nice thing to do, it’s a livelihood for our family, our staff,
and our community; it’s what keep Durango real.

See you soon at our flagship store at 3677 North Main to shop new and gently
used outdoor clothing and gear or now downtown at 1259 Main Ave inside
Durango Sustainable Goods.

Chase LaCroix
Chase LaCroix

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