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January 13, 2021 2 min read

We aim to make the process of consignment as easy and transparent as possible at Durango Outdoor Exchange. After all, consigning your gear here should be a win-win experience that feels fun and rewarding for you each time. 

When you bring in your gear and apparel, a consignment specialist will meet with you individually.  We will go through each of your items and decide what we will be able to accept at that time.  If you have price expectations, we love to hear them upfront. We often get the gear entered onto your account and out on the shelf to sell on the same day you drop it off!  We will email you that evening with a full inventory list for your records and review.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the process...

Durango Outdoor Exchange FAQ’s:

-My item list that was sent to me on the day I consigned has items that show a status of “U” (unavailable). Does that mean they’ve already sold?

Answer: Yes! Items often sell the same day they are consigned and this indicates the item has sold unless otherwise marked. 

-Do the values in the item list reflect the listed price or the commission rate?

Answer: The item list emailed on the day you consigned reflects the prices we assigned to each item. 

-What are the commission rates?

Answer: We have a tiered commission rate structure as shown below. For all of our terms and conditions, please reference the merchandise consignment agreement athttps://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0369/8268/5836/files/DOE_Consignment_Agreement_BB_Rev._1.6.2021.pdf?v=1610383976

-Do you email when items sell?

Answer: No, but you are able to access your account information, including items listed for sale, sold items, and accounts payable by visiting our consignor login portion of our website and using your email address as both the username and first-time password.

-How can I retrieve my balance?

Answer: We ask that people visit us in person to collect their payment via check whenever possible. We offer a 10% bonus on the amount owed when you use your balance as store credit. Account balances can be used as part store payment and check payout if you’d like to purchase something that is less than the value of the total amount owed. 

-I have moved out of town. Will you mail my check?

Answer: Yes, please reach out to us with the best mailing address and we will mail your check.

-Do you payout in cash, venmo or other means other than check or store credit?

Answer: No, our operating system is integrated with Quickbooks and writing checks and/or spending your balance as store credit are the only two options for collecting your balance. 

Chase LaCroix
Chase LaCroix

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